A thing or 2 about poo..

As a parent, one thing that you will have to become accustomed to, is nappies and poo. Now you need to know a thing or two about poo, that perhaps is not told to you- well nobody said it to me! Day in and day out till your child is perhaps 6, you will have to clean after them. Now its not necessarily that at 6 they will become independent at managing their poo affairs, you might have to clean after them for a while longer than that.

Poo is, well has been a big concern of mine when it came to my son. Who was very easily constipated. Here are some terms you need to be aware  of before we get started:

Constipated: Poo cant come out. Basically its too hard to come out.

I think that’s sufficient prior knowledge you need to have before i get started. Here is a gallery of what you should be ready to expect to find in your childs nappy.

(Please ignore the happy faces on the poos, they tend not to come out smiling)

Exhibit 1- The normal poo

poo1The normal poo. It has a softish texture and generally speaking a brownish colour, which can vary from anything between dark brown and light brown with perhaps tinges of mustardish yellow.

This right here is a normal poo. Size wise, we’re talking say a small tea cup full or less for a 3 year old.

How I have dreamt that this may be the poo I see when I change my sons nappy.

But alas, it is not as frequent a visitor as I had hoped.

Exhibit 2- Seriously constipated  possibly dehydrated, poo.


This is not a good poo. You do not want this poo in the nappy. This poo means, your child is not drinking enough fluids, perhaps a little dehydrated as well. Is also probably not eating enough fiber and fresh vegetables.

So you might want to give you child some laxative that needs to be prescribed by their doctor.

This poo is also painful, and if its really bad, it might cause bleeding at the mouth of the anus and really you should speak to your doctor.

Again, you do not want this poo.

Exhibit 3- goat poo


Have you ever seen goat or sheep poo? well this is what it looks like.

Generally this kind causes some abdominal discomfort like all the other hard poos. You do want to avoid this kind, by ensuring a balanced diet and lots of fluids.


Exhibit 4- marbles

poo4 These are quiet strange, they look alot like exhibit 2 but are round and smooth. These generally,  from my experience, are the result of too much milk and milk products.

I may be wrong, I am not a doctor.



Exhibit 5- carrots and beans

poo5This is a good poo. It generally shows you bits of carrot and sunflower seeds, nuts. High fibre foods basically, that help create a good soft poo. Along with the right amount of fluids that is water and juice etc.




This one is a slightly harder one, simply meaning that more fluids need to be consumed.  This could lead to constipation, so this one is like a sign telling you that things may not be so good next time!



Exhibit 6- The diarrhea


This one right here, is a sign of a tummy bug, an infection or indigestion. You should keep them hydrated and speak to a doctor if the symptoms do not get better.



By no means am I saying that these are the only kinds you might see, these are simply what I have seen. I bet theres  hundreds and hundreds of varieties.

So to ensure a healthy poo, here is a great guide that I like to follow and hopefully it should help you too!!

The information below is from the British Nutrition Foundations Website.


BNF Toddler Eatwell Poster_OL   You can download the poster from either here or from BNFs website.


So a poo a day keeps the doctor away 😀


You look like an elephant Mamma…

We were heading out for the playground; belted Mahdi into his seat; bunged is scooter into the boot and sat myself into the driver seat. It was a pleasant sort of day, cool and breezy. The odd petal of a cherry blossom fluttering in the breeze when Mahdi says to me

” You look like an elephant mamma….” in such a matter of fact manner.

I froze. My expression was like  :S  seriously I look like an elephant? So I went on to ask him…

” In what way Mahdi, do I look like an elephant?”

And he said ” a BiGGGGGGG elephant mamma…” straight faced.

And I was like from which angle dude!! I wear  jeans from the children section!

It kind of left me feeling like  : – /  8-o  p=|  “£%&*~@;./’

o how butiful mamma!

I love it when Mahdi gives me his opinion on my hug-ables!. It makes me feel so good! This is what he said, when he saw these new additions. Monkey and Cat

O how butiful mamma!


I picked the green polka-dot fabric, from hobby craft for 5 pound. It came with 4 other colours of squares. 5 pounds was, I felt, a bit much for the fabric…


The eyes and mouths are made of felt.



say ‘Poof’ to dry skin !


Creams, creams and more creams; I always resort to those to help fight dry skin – but  honestly, nothing seems to have a lasting effect.

With my son as well, I had to deal with a lot of dry skin and I generally ended up using moisturiser; which did little to help the situation. I did used to give him an  oil massage before his bath time, which did some good for a day or two; but nothing substantial.

Till…. I read the instructions on a baby oil bottle by Sainsbury :O. This is why its important to read the stuff on the back of all products!

Often I wondered where the soft, smooth baby skin was on my son; the kind they show in adverts and give examples of – clearly I hadn’t come across that. Now however, I had stumbled upon the solution and this was like a revelation.

lo and behold ‘poof’ and the dry skin was gone! HELLO BABY SKIN!

The instructions read: Apply small amount of baby oil evenly all over baby’s body. For best results apply after bathing while skin is still damp, helping lock in the moisture.

So simple! I was shocked at having not realised that myself; I mean, I have been using moisturiser after his baths but not oil!

I do like the Sainsbury’s Little ones range, its nice, reasonably priced and smells really lovely. I think I paid a pound for it.

That’s it ! That is your solution to dry skin!